Motion Sickness – Prevent It and Enjoy Your Journey of Life!

Motion Sickness – Prevent It and Enjoy Your Journey of Life!
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Are you among those unlucky people who suffer from the problem of motion sickness? Do you feel low, tired and unhealthy every time you travel in train, car, boats or airplanes? Well, motion sickness can start suddenly with a cold sweats or frustrating feeling which can lead you to nausea or vomiting. If you are tired of motion sickness that spoils your holiday or fun time, then you do not need to worry because we are here with some tips that can help you rid of this problems.

Prevent Motion Sickness

  • Eat only light meals and avoid heavy meals before travelling
  • Make your body completely hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Before or during travelling, avoid smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Before getting into the vehicle, take anti nausea medicine with you
  • Take prescribed medications from your doctors

Prevent Motion Sickness in Car

  • Seat in your car at the front seat so that you can look straight
  • Focus horizontally in front of you as it help your eyes to send you an appropriate motion signal to your brain
  • Lean back the seat and rest your head to prevent yourself from moving around
  • Open the window of the car and feel the fresh air
  • Eat crackers in your to help your stomach to get settle

Stay Active and Relaxed

  • Avoid odors of strong food
  • While traveling, chose the right seat where you experience the least motion
  • Don’t sit facing backward direction of travel
  • Avoid reading while travelling
  • Open a source of good air if possible

If you are facing various symptoms of motion sickness such as dizziness, nausea, headache, vomiting and fatigue, trying following things may help you overcome it:

  • Have a dry soda or healthy beverages
  • Sip carbohydrate drinks like ginger ale
  • Keep your head still or you can also lie down

Treat Motion Sickness

One of the best ways to treat the motion sickness is to stop the motion. If you cannot, sit down in the area where you can experience t he least motion. For instance, in airplane, try to sit near the wings, stay on the deck at ship. Apart from this, you can take prescribed medicines so as to prevent or reduce symptoms.

Take Care of Yourself!

Motion sickness may spoil your quality time with your family, friends or loved ones. But, before traveling, make an effective plan and put efforts to fight with it can surely help you overcome this problem.